Capturing the Moment

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Hannah Arnzen Photography started in 2011 serving one client. Six years later, HAP has served over 250 clients in Springfield, Missouri area.

Life has a way of passing us by. There are so many moments in time that go undocumented, unnoticed, and uncelebrated. 
I realized how important it is to remember these special moments in time, and I discovered the best way to do so was through photographs.
The art of photography is always changing, but the art itself will never die. Having something tangible to remember milestones will never go out of style.  My passion is using creative techniques to capture these important events in people’s lives.  
In a digital world, photographs are also great marketing tools as they can paint much better descriptions than words do. Photographs can provide an immediate snapshot of your business’ appearance, employees, and culture. 
 I want to capture people during their happiest moments, which goes hand and hand with the business motto, “The Art of Happiness.” Nothing will describe a feeling, emotion, or memory like a photograph.

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